Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, and HP compatible inks
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Will I void my warranty if I use a replacement ink! Magnuson-Moss Act

USA Warranty Protection Act SHOULD YOU BE WORRIED ABOUT VOIDING YOUR PRINTER WARRANTY WHEN USING ALTERNATIVE OR REPLACEMENT INK PRODUCTS? Your right to buy and use alternative printer ink cartridges is protected by the US Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. That does not mean that the manufacturer of your printer won't make it difficult for you to use alternative inks by developing elaborate cartridge chip technologies or building in functionality into their printers to detect non-original cartridges and displaying warnings in an attempt to keep you loyal to their brand. They may even threaten you if you choose other consummables by waiving...

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How can I increase profit in today's market.

HP Mimaki Mutoh Roland Solvent Inks UV Inks

We know that the minute someone says replacement or aftermarket inks you are thinking it will ruin my printer. The equipment manufactures, who by the way do not make their own ink, have done a great job of putting that fear, (this will break my printer by clogging the print head) into you. It is not a truthful statement, it is said to keep you buying their ink. Let's look at the numbers. There are 3785cc in a gallon, at $110 per 440cc that is $946.25 per gallon for colored solvent. (our ink is $594 per gallon). We have sold ten's of thousands of dollars of...

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Now offering STS line of inks

Made in the USA STS inks. OEM alternative that works.

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Bulk System or Cartridges

Mimaki Mutoh New Product Roland

Do you use 4 cartridges a month? If yes you should look at a bulk system and here is why. $1000 to $3000 PROFIT per yr. ! Most OEM cartridges are $100 - 120 each. So at $110 (average) that is .25 ¢ per cc. That is 21120 CC total cost $5280 per year for ink. If you use an alternative ink at $70 per cartridge that is .159¢ per CC or $3358 per year in ink. Bulk ink system 4 color 8 cartridge with 2 year chips is $550, ink costs are $80 per liter or .08¢ CC ,...

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Technical informantion

We are starting to share technical information with you that can save you time and money. Please check out our technical link.  If there is a topic you would like to see contact us and we will try and get that information up loaded for you.

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