Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland, and HP compatible inks
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How can I increase profit in today's market.

HP Mimaki Mutoh Roland Solvent Inks UV Inks

We know that the minute someone says replacement or aftermarket inks you are thinking it will ruin my printer. The equipment manufactures, who by the way do not make their own ink, have done a great job of putting that fear, (this will break my printer by clogging the print head) into you. It is not a truthful statement, it is said to keep you buying their ink. Let's look at the numbers.

There are 3785cc in a gallon, at $110 per 440cc that is $946.25 per gallon for colored solvent. (our ink is $594 per gallon).

We have sold ten's of thousands of dollars of this ink with no ink issues.The colors match, and are truly plug and print inks, with no flushing or re-profiling for color matches.

Our inks will increase your profits. 

Suppose you use 4 (four) cartridges a month, check this out. 

Most OEM solvent cartridges are $100 - 120 each. So at $110 (average) that is .25 ¢ per cc. That is 4 times 440 times 12 months equals 21120 cc. Your approximate total cost for the year is $5280 for ink.

If you use our STS Made in America ink at $69 per cartridge that is .157¢ per cc, at  4 cartridges a month your approximate total cost for the year is $3316 for ink..

$5280-3316 = $1964 profit. What can you do with almost $2000 dollars in your pocket?

Our inks are




and guaranteed.

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